General Knowledge :: Abbreviated Name Questions and Answers

31. UNITAR stands for?

A. University Nations Institute for Training and Research B. United National Institute for Technology and Research
C. United Nations Institute for Training and Research D. University National Institute for Technology and Research

32. Elaborate ESCAP?

A. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific B. European Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
C. European Society for Child Asia and the Pacific D. None of these

33. Elaborate SFC?

A. State Function Corporation B. State Flight Corporation
C. Shop Financial Corporation D. State Financial Corporation

34. IO stands for?

A. Internal Operations B. International Online
C. Investigating Officer D. Independent Office

35. Which of the following are correctly matched?

A. CT- Computerised Tomography B. C-DAC - Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing
C. CAS- Conditional Access System D. All of the above

36. DDMA stands for?

A. District Disaster Management Action B. District Disaster Management Authority
C. District Department Management Authority D. District Development Management Authority

37. What is the abbreviation of CPA?

A. Cost Per Action B. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
C. Christian Police Association D. All of the above

38. Find the abbreviation of BSC in the following list?

A. Bangalore Service Coordination B. British Service Coordination
C. British Security Coordination D. Bangalore Security Coordination

39. Fullform of SDMA?

A. State Disaster Management Authority B. System Disaster Management Authority
C. Space Disaster Management Authority D. None

40. What does 'R' stands for in FERA?

A. Registration B. Restriction
C. Realization D. Regulation

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