General Knowledge :: Abbreviated Name Questions and Answers

11. Fullform of WFC?

A. World Food Council B. World Food Corporation
C. World Fund Council D. World Food Commonwealth

12. Find the Abbreviation of CATA in the following list?

A. Commonwealth Action of Tax Administrators B. Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators
C. Chicago Automobile Transporation Association D. Capital Area Tax Association

13. FIPB stands for?

A. Foreign Investment Promotion Board B. Flight Investment People British
C. Finance Indian Process Board D. Finance Investment Promotion Board

14. What is the abbreviation of BBM?

A. Bachelor of Business Master B. Bachelor of Business Management
C. Business Management D. Bachelor of Business Marketing

15. SAFTA stands for South Asian Free Trade

A. Agreement B. Association
C. Amount D. None

16. Elaborate GII?

A. Grand Innovation Index B. Global Innovation Index
C. General Innovation Index D. Guidance Innovation Index

17. Can you find the meaning of ECM in the following list?

A. Economic Common Market B. Economic Common Management
C. European Common Market D. European Common Management

18. What is the abbreviation of MMEM?

A. Master of Marketing Environment and Management B. Master of Marketing Economic and Management
C. Master of Marketing Electronic and Management D. Master of Marketing Export and Management

19. Can you find the meaning of ADPC in the following list?

A. Asian Disaster Processing Centre B. Asian Disaster Progress Centre
C. Asian Disaster Policy Centre D. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre

20. VAT stands for?

A. Value Amount Total B. Value Added Tax
C. Value Added Trust D. None of these

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