General Knowledge :: Abbreviated Name Questions and Answers

21. SENSEX means?

A. Stock Exchange B. Security Index
C. Sensitivity Index D. None

22. NIDM refers to?

A. National Institute of Disaster Mobilization B. National Institute of Disaster Management
C. National Invitational Drill Meet D. All of the above

23. LCD stands for?

A. Light Crystal Display B. Large Crystal Display
C. Local Crystal Display D. Liquid Crystal Display

24. SELA refers to?

A. Sistema Economic Latino America B. State Economic Latino America
C. South Economic Latino America D. Special Economic Latino America

25. Find the abbreviation of UNEF1 in the following list?

A. United Nations Energy Force 1 B. United Nations Environment Force 1
C. United Nations Emergency Force 1 D. United Nations Economical Force 1

26. Which of the following are correctly matched?

A. UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle B. UNI - United News India
C. TRYSEM - Training of Rural Youth of Self employment D. All of the above

27. Can you find the meaning of SET in the following list?

A. State Entertainment Test B. Social Eligibility Test
C. State Eligibility Test D. Science Eligibility Test

28. Abbreviation of ISRO is ---------------?

A. International Space Research Organisation B. Intelligence Service Research Organisation
C. Indian Space Research Organisation D. None of these

29. Can you find the meaning of OPEC in the following list?

A. Organization of Pipe Exporting Countries B. Organization of Pipe Exporting Council
C. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Council D. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

30. What is the abbreviation of FAO?

A. Fellowship and Agriculture Organization B. Food and Agriculture Organization
C. Free Agriculture Organization D. Finance and Agriculture Organization

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