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1. Certain loan amount was repaid in two annual installments of Rs.1331/- each. If the rate of interest be 10% per annum Compounded annually the sum borrowed was? 

A. Rs.121/- B. Rs.2130/-
C. Rs.2310/- D. Rs.1331/-

2. A sum of money deposited at C.I. amounts to Rs.3650 in 2 years and to Rs.4015 in 3 years. Find the rate percent?

A. 10% B. 15%
C. 20% D. 25%

3. The difference between simple interest and C.I. at the same rate for Rs.5000 for 2 years in Rs.72. The rate of interest is?

A. 10% B. 12%
C. 6% D. 8%

4. Find the least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 25% compound interest will be more than double of itself?

A. 1 year B. 6 years
C. 2 years D. 4 years

5. Find the sum lend at C.I. at 5 p.c per annum will amount to Rs.441 in 2 years?

A. Rs.420 B. Rs.380
C. Rs.400 D. Rs.375

6. Anusha gave Latha Rs.1250 on compound interest for 2 years at 4% per annum. How much loss would Anusha has suffered had she given it to Latha for 2 years at 4% per annum simple interest?

A. Rs.10 B. Rs.2
C. Rs.3 D. Rs.6

7. Murari borrowed Rs.4000 at 5% p.a compound interest. After 2 years, he repaid Rs.2210 and after 2 more year, the balance with interest. What was the total amount that he paid as interest?

A. Rs.636 B. Rs.635.50
C. Rs.635 D. Rs.634.50

8. Every year an amount increases by 1/8th of itself. How much will it be after two years if its present value is Rs.64000?

A. Rs.81000 B. Rs.64000
C. Rs.80000 D. Rs.75000

9. An amount at compound interest sums to Rs.17640/- in 2 years and to Rs.18522/- in 3 years at the same rate of interest. Find the rate percentage?

A. 5% B. 7%
C. 9% D. 11%

10. Dhanumjay invested an amount of Rs.17400 for two years. Find the rate of compound interest that will fetch him an amount of Rs.1783.50 at the end of two years?

A. 8% p.a. B. 5% p.a.
C. 6% p.a. D. 4% p.a.

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