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1. The average of first ten prime numbers:

A. 5.6 B. 11.2
C. 12.9  D. 6.3

2. 2 cow’s and 8 goats are brought for Rs.1400. If the average price of a goat be Rs.60. What is the average price of a cow.

A. Rs. 480 B.  Rs.960
C. Rs.980 D. Rs. 460

3. The average age of three persons is 52 years. Their ages are in the proportion of 1:5:7. What is the age in years of the oldest one among them.

A. 9 years     B. 12 years    
C. 60 years          D. 84 years  

4. Priya covers journey from kavali to nellore by car at average speed of 70 Km/hr. She returns back by scooty with an average speed of 40 Km/hr. Find her average speed during the whole journey?

A. 50 Km/hr B. 50.90 Km/hr 
C. 50.95 Km/hr  D. 52 Km/hr 

5. Seven years ago the average age of a family of 2 members was 25 years. A child has been born. due to Which the average age of the family is 23 years today. What is the present age of the child?

A. 7 years B. 5 years
C. 3 years D. 8 years  

6. The average temperature for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 42°C. The average temperature for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was 44°C. If the temperature on Friday be 43°C, what was the Temperature on Tuesday?

A. 39°C B. 44°C
C. 37°C D. 42°C

7. The average of 30 numbers is 48. If three numbers namely 45, 55 and 43 are discarded, the average of remaining numbers is?

A. 47  B. 47.03      
C. 48.03 D. 48

8. The average of 7 numbers is 24. If each number be multiplied by 5. Find the average of new set of numbers?

A. 110 B. 122
C. 120 D. 125

9. The average of 7 results is 45. The average of first three results is 47 and average of last three results is 42.  What is the fourth result?

A. 48 B. 47
C. 44 D. 46

10. The average Weight of 15 students in a class is increased by 3 Kg. when a student who weights 48 Kg. is replaced by a new student. Find the weight of new student?

A. 39 B. 83
C. 88 D. 93

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