Reasoning :: Letter Series Problems And Answers

In each of the following questions a letter-series is given, in which some letters are missing. The missing letters are given in the proper sequence as one of the alternatives. Choose the correct alternatives.

11. bca_b_aabc _a_caa

A. acab B. bcbb
C. ccab D. cbab

12. a _ ba _ b _ b _ a _ b

A. abaab B. abbab
C. bbabb D. aabba

13. _ nmmn _ mmnn _ mnnm _

A. nmmn B. mnnm
C. nnmm D. nmnm

14. - bc - - b - aabc

A. acac B. babc
C. abab D. aacc

15. cccbb _ aa _ cc _ bbbaa _ c

A. aebe B. baca
C. baba D. acba

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